Your international USD account that earns interest.

Secure your savings with a USD wallet.

Earn up to 2% interest per year.

Current exchange rate

🇺🇸 1 USD =


Enabling financial diversification through stable digital currencies, for anyone with an internet connection.

Deposit your fiat to obtain digital USD, and withdraw in fiat currency anytime.

Under the hood, these digital assets are lended out and you start earning interest right away.

Your savings, stronger.

Worried about of your savings losing value due to currency devaluation?

Open a Medici account for free, and convert your local currency into US Dollars at the click of a button.

The account that grows

Real-time interest accrual

Start earning interest as soon as you deposit (in USD). Up to 2% a year.


Fund instantly with your debit card

Turn the funds in your currency into a USD-pegged stablecoin such as DAI, USDC or USDT

Digital Wallet

First time with virtual currencies? No problem. Create a wallet with a username and password. No browser extension or downloads required.

Grow your deposits

Medici integrates with the Compound protocol so you can earn interest on stable cryptoassets.

"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you"

Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad, Poor Dad