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Fast conversion from fiat or ERC20 tokens to stablecoins that earn up to 15% APY



Simplify access to stablecoin: cheap and fast, from ERC20 or fiat to USDT/USDC/DAI/UST

Trusted, stable sources of yield: Start with Compound, Anchor, Aave. Up to 15% APY

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Stablecoin yield will be cross protocol, cross chain

Immediately see all the rates for your stablecoins across protocols and chains. You choose where you want to park your funds. No complex magic. Just plain, simple, and trusted protocols for yield on your assets.

Compare Stablecoin Interest Rates
Coin Compound Aave Anchor (Terra)
Tether -
USD Coin -
Dai -
Binance USD - -
UST - - 19%